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The Society is a member of the Institute of Professional Editors Limited (IPEd)

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Contact the committee

General enquiries regarding the Society of Editors (Victoria) can be directed to our post office box address below. Specific enquiries can be directed to the relevant committee member.

Society of Editors (Vic.) Inc.
PO Box 176
Carlton South VIC 3053

Alternatively, please feel free to contact us via email and we will endeavour to respond to your query as soon as possible.

Position Name Email
Co-presidents Liz Steele & Rosemary Noble president[at]
Finance Officer Charles Houen finance[at]
Newsletter Editors Kirsten Rawlings & Melanie Sheridan newsletter[at]
Membership Officer Kristy Burt members[at]
Events Officer Ali Lemer meetings[at]
Admin Officer Sabita Naheswaran admin[at]
Freelance Affairs Officer Fran Madigan freelance[at]
Website Manager Irina Fainberg web_manager[at]
Training Officer Ann Philpott training[at]
IPEd Council Representative Rosemary Noble iped[at]
Accreditation Board Representative Liz Steele (acting) iped_accred[at]
Industry Liaison Officer Vacant industry_liaison[at]
Immediate Past President Melanie Dankel ipp[at]


The Society of Editors (Victoria) Inc. is an association for people who are engaged professionally in editing for publication.
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