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Entering into a contract

Whenever a freelance editor agrees to undertake work for a client, a contract is formed. A written contract is standard business practice, and is an important means of ensuring that the editor and the client have the same understanding of their relationship and the terms of the work. It may take the form of a review and quotation that the editor presents to the client for their agreement. When complete and agreed to by both parties, it is a binding legal document.

A standard agreement for editorial services has been prepared for freelance editors’ use in spelling out the nature and terms of an agreement with a client. The tasks and responsibilities, fees and deadlines, and other details specific to the project can be filled in to suit your individual requirements.

Note: The Society of Editors (Vic.) offers full members a discount rate on professional indemnity and public liability insurance through an exclusive arrangement with insurance broker Aon.

The Society of Editors (Vic) Inc. is grateful to the Editors’ Association of Canada/Association canadienne des réviseurs for their Standard Freelance Editorial Agreement. While we did not follow the Canadian model in its entirety, it served as a useful resource.

For further information about contracts, see the Tips on contracts for freelance editors, which can assist in modifying the Standard Agreement or in preparing your own.

The Society of Editors (Vic) Inc. accepts no liability with respect to the proper completion of the Standard Agreement or alterations made to it.

Your feedback on the contract would be welcomed. Please contact L. Elaine Miller, MEAA Liaison, with questions or comments.

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